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Skin Cell Science Cosmetics, Jeunebeau
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2020 South Korea
Best New Product Award
Tahiti black pearls and crystal capsules,
Moisture glow anti-aging serum with bright light
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Contains 75% Selixer Dew,
3-in-1 first step open treatment
Jeunebeau's skincare's baseline 3-in-1 treatment
(first essence + toner + booster function)
  which enhance the rest of your skin routine
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Jeunebeau; Young + Beauty

New Cosmetic Products
Never Experienced Before

Skin cannot be managed by cramming.
  Only a well-made habit leaves a trail of wisebeauty on the skin with you for
the rest of your life.

Quality of professionally crafted products through the touch of experts, Unique points exclusive to Jeunebeau providing Confidence in radiant and luminous skin anywhere.

  Based on continous dermatological research, Jeunebeau offers you an enhanced foundational skincare beauty solution,
tailored with distinct products for
youthful and beautiful skin.
Skin Cell Science

"Beauty Cell Aging" Research for
Skin Health

"Anti-aging" is defined as,
Preventing the aging of skin tissues.

A cosmetic line designed for
theprevention of aging.

However, aging is inevitable and must be embraced. Therefore, Jeunebeau diligently researches its products from a cellular level, actively addressing the aging process and taking meticulous care.
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Bio-Chem Science

Developing Safe and Effective Products Based on the "Cellular Health Completion Theory"

Based on life sciences, Jeunebeau Research Institute develops the :"Cellular Health Completion Theory" and creates superior
core ingredients

and high-efficacy products through research on materials, skin, and analysis.
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Biological Resources

Research and Development of Ingredients for a Solid Foundation
and Definite Efficacy

By seeking out rare ingredients that were previously too expensive or hard to obtain, and conducting resesarch on skin-friendly high-performance materials, we deliver their potent vitality to the skin.

This extends the benefits to a broader audience, as these precious elements were once only accessible to a few. 
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