Jeunebeau Lab


Jeunebeau Lab

At Jeunebeau Research Lab, various experts from different fields come together to conduct research on skin, materials, packaging, efficacy analysis, and safety. This collaborative lab utilizes cutting-edge technology to analyze products, consumers and trends.

By combining the expertise of professionals from diverse areas, Jeunebeau passionately strive to develop products that incorporate the latest technologies, continuously engaging in full efforts and daring experiments.


Research Lab

Jeunebeau Research Lab, recognizing the essential role of 'cellular communication' in skin health, has pioneered the theory of cell health and completion through dedicated research and experimentation.

Through collaborations with global cosmetic ingredient companies and fragrance research in Germnay,France, Korea and more, Jeunebeau has applied to latest international technologies.

  Using these insights, Jeunebeau has developed "Selixer™" and the cell communication skincare brand 'Jeunebeau' using advanced and integrated technologies in skin research, material research, product development, efficacy evaluation, fragrance research, and support studies.

Jeunebeau Research lab is committed to continuous efforts in proposing the inherent state of healthy skin to customers, differentiating itself with unique product offerings and emphasizing specific functionalites, distinct from typical skincare products.